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We Help You Restore Your Healthy Lawn, Boosting Your Harrisburg Curb & Home Appeal 

Is your lawn overgrown, thinning, drying, or discolored? Wish you had lush, green, dense grass covering your curb? 

Harrisburg is full of nice houses, trees, and green scenery. So, if you live here, you definitely want to keep your lawn and general landscaping lush and healthy.

That is what we do for you here at Carolina Turf Services. Our lawn care pros will mow, trim, fertilize, and tidy up your lawn so it looks beautiful and healthy from spring to summer. So, does your front yard need some work?

Schedule an appointment with our lawn experts or ask for a quote. 

Get an Affordable, Attentive Lawn Care Crew for All Your Lawn Needs in Harrisburg, North Carolina 

Do you desire a healthy lawn? We offer everything your lawn needs to thrive right here in Harrisburg. With years of experience in NC lawn care, our range of services includes the following: 

Lawn Care Program

We provide a 7-step lawn care program to homeowners across the city. This service is custom depending on every client’s lawn needs. Our program is designed to deliver a beautiful lawn all season long. The visits are approximately 55 days apart to treat the grass and soil in your lawn.

We also provide weed control for your flower beds. The best part is we clean up after ourselves. No fertilizer or debris will be left on your sidewalk and the best part….. No contracts EVER! We would love to talk with you about your lawn and how we can deliver amazing grass right here in Harrisburg! So, if you are looking for a lawn you can take pride in, or play on with your friends and family, request a free quote and we could be out to treat your lawn as soon as this week!

Lawn Weed Control 

Aside from regular maintenance and landscaping, we also do lawn weed control and pest containment. Weeds can wreak havoc on your lawn and are generally unpleasant. Unfortunately, they are challenging to get rid of. Our job is to remove weeds in your yard, flower garden, sidewalk edges, and other notorious spots. 

Lawn Fertilization and Overseeding

Is your lawn thinning or looking unhealthy? With time, your grass ages and starts to lose density. As your NC lawn care experts, we will revive and regrow your lawn through overseeding, fertilization, or both. So, let’s cover those bare patches and bring new life to your lawn. Don’t let this season pass you by, let us help you get started on a beautiful lawn and landscape today!

Lawn Aeration 

Harsh conditions such as extreme heat and low rainfall, especially in the summer, can make the soil rugged and compact. This denies your grass the basics it needs to survive. Long periods of time without rain can compact even the best soil. At Carolina Turf Services, we provide professional aeration to help bring back a healthy, rich color to your lawn.

Other Lawn Care Services 

You can also trust our lawn pros with other needs, including landscaping, pest control, lawn fungicide treatment, mulching, soil testing, and more. 


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Why Choose Our Lawn Pros in Harrisburg, North Carolina? 

Experience a lawn care service like no other. We are your top choice if you’re looking for: 

An excellent Job, Every Time 

Our results speak for themselves. And as one of the pioneer services in NC, we have built a reputation for delivering quality yard care with every visit. Our excellent service is unique to your lawn needs and so promotes the health and beauty of your landscape. 

A Fully Insured & Licensed Company 

Our business is licensed in North Carolina and, more importantly, insured. So, you can have peace of mind when you hire us to revamp your lawn. 

A Professional Team with Years of Experience

Rest easy knowing that your lawn or yard is in the hands of an experienced team. Our professional crew has years of experience serving homeowners around the city. 

Struggling with Weeds, Pests, or Overgrowth on Your Lawn? Book an Appointment with a Professional Lawn Company

A beautiful home starts with a well-maintained lawn. However, lawns demand attention and can actually take up all your weekends. So, want a great yard minus all the work? 

Carolina Turf Services is the best in the game when it comes to lawn maintenance in the Harrisburg area. We provide weekly lawn services for homeowners in the city and surrounding areas. Join hundreds of happy customers all over Harrisburg and surrounding areas of North Carolina!

Contact our lawn care services to schedule an appointment today!

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