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A green, healthy, luscious lawn is not something that just magically happens. It takes knowledge of the soil structure and the need for specific plant nutrients to ensure that the grass and other plant life in your yard can grow healthy and vibrant. Lawn care, then, does not just focus on mowing the grass, trimming the hedges, and planting flowers. Effective lawn care and maintenance require experience and training to understand the pH levels for soil and at what pH grass and plant roots can thrive.

At Carolina Turf Services in Concord, NC, our lawn care specialists have the knowledge, skills, and training to assess the needs of your lawn and existing soil to ensure that the pH levels are correct for optimum growth and prosperity.

Our soil pH experts will take the type of soil (clay soils, compacted soil, sandy soil, garden soil, etc.) you have in your yard under consideration and perform a soil test to determine the needs of the fine soil particles. We can then advise you of the proper soil amendments for your lawn so that you will have the healthy, green lawn you have always wanted.

What Is a Soil Amendment?

A soil amendment is the application of certain materials into the soil to correct the deficiency. For many major companies, this is simply the application of lime into the soil to adjust the soil pH. However, at Carolina Turf Services in Concord, NC, our soil pH experts understand the makeup of the soil in North Carolina and know that the pH level can vary from yard to yard. This means that soil amendments cannot be the same for all customers.

When you enlist the lawn care services of Carolina Turf Services, we will conduct a soil test to ensure that we know the makeup of your soil, the type of soil you have (sandy soils are not the same as compacted clay soil, for instance), and what would be most beneficial to your lawn. We will then apply the right kind of soil amendment for your lawn.

Many major lawn care corporations will not tell customers that sometimes applying lime as soil amendments can do more harm than good to your lawn if added at the wrong time. Nutrient deficiencies need to be found and corrected through the right soil amendments, and this may not include the application of lime. Instead, your lawn may need organic matter (finished compost, well-rotted leaves, grass clippings), elemental sulfur, ammonium sulfate, or gypsum added to your soil. Even earthworm castings amend the soil and get you healthy grass.

Why Does the Soil pH Matter?

Plants and the nutrients they require for the best growth are not a one-size-fits-all situation. All types of soil can be classified as acid, neutral, or alkaline, and the pH of the soil can make a major difference in the health and vitality of the plants planted in that soil. Some plant and grass types prefer slightly more acidic or more alkaline soils. Plants opposite in their preferences will not do well if planted in the same soil.

For some plant life to thrive, you will need to raise soil pH, whereas other plant species will require lowering soil pH. On a scale of 0 to 14, those pH levels below 7.0 are acid, and those above 7.0 are alkaline. 7.0 on the dot is neutral. While some grasses and plants are tolerant when overly acidic soil is present, most have a certain preference and will not grow as well outside of that range.

Why Should You Check the Sandy or Compacted Clay Soil PH?

When it comes to knowing the makeup of your soil – regardless of the type – soil tests are crucial. Soil testing shows the soil’s pH level, texture, organic matter, and other important qualities that will tell the story as to what soil amendments are needed. This test will tell your lawn care team how your soil has changed depending on the maintenance practices, regular irrigation, application of fertilizers, weather, and human impact on the soil.

At Carolina Turf Services, we would not recommend an amendment for your soil until we know its makeup. Predominantly sandy soil requires fewer amendments than compacted clay soils when we change the pH or add most other nutrients. Our team will also need to know the current pH level so that we do not inadvertently cause harm by lowering or raising the level too much. The soil tests will improve the soil structure rather than harm it.

Contact Our Concord, NC, Lawn Care Specialists for Soil Testing and Soil Amendments

If you are a resident in the Concord, NC, area and are looking for a comprehensive healthy lawn care treatment program, contact Carolina Turf Services. Our team has the knowledge and training to effectively maintain your yard and work diligently always to ensure the pH levels are right for your soil. We know how to naturally lower soil pH, the effects of raising soil pH too much and improving soil structure through our program.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and we know how important it is for your Concord, NC, lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood. We help you achieve that through a customized lawn care program.

At Carolina Turf Services, we provide the highest quality residential lawn care, core aerations, and landscaping services. We are dedicated to helping our customers have the healthy lawns and spectacular landscaping they have always wanted. Our team is local, so that means we are well-versed in the needs of the various soils that are common to North Carolina and how to maintain soil pH for the best growth and vitality.

Contact us today at (980) 522-8571 to learn more about our customizable lawn care programs and receive a free lawn care estimate.

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