Lawn Fertilization in Harrisburg, NC

Owning your own home in Harrisburg, NC, is more than simply making payments on a place to live. Homeowners take great pride in ensuring that the exterior and interior of their homes are aesthetically pleasing and reflect their families’ personalities. One of the features of the exterior of your property is the lawn.

Taking care of the lawn requires more than mowing and the occasional weed pulling session. A green lawn will need to be cared for, and the homeowners will have to ensure that the right nutrients are available for a healthy lawn. Lawn care specialists at Carolina Turf Services in Harrisburg, North Carolina, know that one of the best ways to take great care of your grass is to spread lawn fertilizer.

What Is Lawn Fertilizer?

Grass fertilizer is a way to ensure your entire lawn is getting the essential nutrients that it needs to be healthy, vibrant, and lush. North Carolina is the proper setting for an actively growing lawn, which means that lawn fertilization will be important all year round. At Carolina Turf Services, our lawn fertilization experts have a custom-blended lawn fertilizer that is not available to the general public, so only our customers can reap the benefits of our exceptional blend.

Lawn fertilizers that you can buy at home and garden stores can be ok, but they do not always have all of the nutrients such as slow-release nitrogen and other micro-nutrients found in our lawn fertilizer. When our team at Carolina Turf Services is called to apply fertilizer to your home’s lawn, you can guarantee that ours is specifically blended for the soils in the Harrisburg and Concord, NC, areas.

Lawn Fertilization Specialists in Harrisburg



Importance of Lawn Fertilization in Early Spring and Late Spring in Harrisburg, North Carolina

In the early spring, when the temperatures begin to warm up after the cold winter months, weed seeds germinate. You can work to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn by implementing a weed control program and using a broadcast spreader to distribute much-needed fertilizer throughout the lawn.

For the later spring, you can use a fertilizer that combines broadleaf weed killers and nutrients to help your lawn grow well and eliminate the weeds that have already taken root. When you hire a lawn care team such as ours at Carolina Turf Services, you can rest assured that the fertilizer will be perfect for your grass type, and our broadcast spreaders will ensure that it gets even coverage throughout the yard. When we are finished fertilizing, your lawn will have more nutrients and fewer weeds for the approach of late summer.

Why Choose Us to Fertilize Your Lawn Against Broadleaf Weeds

As we have said, our lawn fertilization experts at Carolina Turf Services have the lawn care expertise and the custom formulated lawn fertilizer that you will not find with the major brands or our competitors. Our blend has the fast release and slow-release nutrients, which ensure a quick green-up that becomes sustained to always have a green lawn with healthy growth for 8 to 12 weeks.

Our team at Carolina Turf Services cares about helping you build your soil profile in your yard rather than just providing you with useless filler. We use bio-solids, and our blend is not just nitrogen. It is complete lawn fertilization to fuel growth and health.

Many homeowners do not want to invest in a lawn spreader or learn about the complexities of granular fertilizer and how to kill broadleaf weeds. However, this is all critical information to know if you want a healthy lawn. You should contact Carolina Turf Services for all of your lawn fertilization needs.

Contact Us to Avoid Excess Fertilizer and for Expert Lawn Care

If you are a homeowner in the Harrisburg, North Carolina area and looking for fertilizers that are perfect for your grass, contact Carolina Turf Services. Most homeowners are unsure about the complexities of fertilizers and lawn care, and Carolina Turf Services can provide the services your grass needs to be healthy and luscious! Our lawn care team is well-versed in all grass types, and we are happy to lend our expertise to care for your grass. Contact us at (980) 522-8571 and get your free estimate on our lawn care services today.

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