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When you own a home in Concord, NC, you take great pride in making sure that the interior and exterior of your house are in great shape. For the outside, this includes your yard and landscaping. Many homeowners work long and hard to keep their lawns pristine and healthy. Completing regular maintenance and having a lawn care company come to assist with the more difficult tasks is all part of having a healthy lawn. Unfortunately, lawn pests can quickly and easily ruin all of that hard work.

In North Carolina, we have a few grubs that can truly wreak havoc in your yard, so you must kill grubs as soon as you see evidence that you have a grub infestation or grub activity. Whether you are seeing adult beetles, grub damage such as randomly shaped dead patches or brown patches in the yard, or eggs of white grubs, controlling grubs and grub populations takes the expertise of an experienced lawn care company.

At Carolina Turf Services, we use state-of-the-art equipment and insecticides to ensure that your grub infestations and any other harmful insects are eliminated from your soil surface. Our lawn grub control team will analyze the number of grubs per square foot to determine the right amount of grub control products that are needed to eliminate all of your grub problems from your entire lawn.

Types of Lawn Grubs

In Concord, NC, and the surrounding areas, the most common types of white grubs are Japanese beetles and June beetles. Grubs, in general, are the larval form of scarab beetles, and the adult stage usually appears in late May through the summer. Grubs are usually a dirty white color with soft bodies, a brown head, and six legs (except for June beetles which have legs that are not well-developed). To control grubs, you must know their common life stages. A grub worm will feed, mate, and lay eggs during this May through June time frame. Then they die four to five weeks later as the eggs hatch several weeks into the summer as larvae. After the grubs hatch, you will find the grubs feeding on grassroots in late summer through early fall. In addition to the Japanese beetles and Junebugs, you may also see northern masked chafer beetles, Asiatic garden beetles, European chafer, May beetles, and Oriental beetles.

Damage that Japanese Beetle Grubs Can Cause

Grubs eat the roots of your grass so they truly wreak havoc underneath the surface of the soil. With a grub feeding on your grass, it is not among the most beneficial insects you could find in your yard. The damage that they cause requires you to get immediate lawn grub control to prevent severe and long-lasting damage. Some of the most common forms of damage you will find caused by grubs include:
  • spongy grass
  • brown patches that do not turn green with watering
  • dead grass
  • turf being pulled up easily (like carpeting)
In addition to the physical damage you may see caused by a grub problem in your yard or garden beds, you will likely also see an influx of birds into your yard since they feed on the grubs or holes created by raccoons, skunks, and other wildlife that also eat grubs for a snack.

What to Do If You Have Japanese Beetles and Other Lawn Grubs in Concord, NC

If you find an infestation in your lawn, insect pests can be eliminated through a variety of different methods. With grubs, you can use a bacterial milky spore grub control product that will suppress the Japanese beetle population without harming other beneficial insects, but some requirements are needed to make this an effective method. White grubs can be suppressed using beneficial nematodes, but these other living insects will need to be handled carefully. Several different chemical insecticides can be applied to your lawn at certain parts of the year to act as grub destroyers. When it comes to any type of pesticides applied to your yard to eliminate grubs that are actively feeding on your yard and causing lawn damage, you must follow label directions carefully or hire professionals. At Carolina Turf Services, we have extensive knowledge of the best grub killers in the industry, and we can help you prevent a grub problem through season-long control before turf damage occurs. Our team is happy to discuss all of your options with you and ensure that you get the right treatment for your grub problems. From preventative products to active grub control, we are here to assist you in making your lawn healthy and vibrant.

Is Your Lawn Suffering from Lawn Grubs? Call Our Grub Control Experts!

If you are a resident in Concord and you are dealing with a grub issue or any other insects often found in the region, contact Carolina Turf Services. We have the knowledge, skills, training, products, and equipment to get rid of grubs, chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod webworms, ticks, fire ants, fleas, ants, mosquitoes, and scarab beetles from your lawn. There is no reason that you need to try to eliminate these insects from your lawn on your own. Our lawn care experts have been providing pest control for residents and business owners in the Concord area for many years, and we understand the numerous problems that can erupt with these terrible insects. Whenever you need insect control, you can count on Carolina Turf Services to be your pest elimination team. Contact us today to find out more about all of our pest control techniques as well as the products we use (and the primary active ingredient in them) to make sure that your lawn is healthy and your family and pets stay safe. We want to help you take back your weekend and enjoy your healthy lawn daily without the threat of grubs.

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