Lawn Fungicide Treatments in Harrisburg, NC

One of the hallmarks of a beautiful landscape is a lush, green lawn with no unsightly brown patch areas or even a rogue weed bearing its ugly head. Homeowners work diligently to ensure that their lawns are in good shape, but that is not always enough. Sometimes, lawn diseases will appear without any notice and can turn beautiful lawns into a nightmare.

Grass or fungal diseases are difficult to spot, especially when compared to weeds. When you have an infestation of a particular type of weed, you can usually see it all over and know where to attack it. However, a fungal disease is more challenging to find because it does not make itself known until it is too late. You may notice a brown patch or spots on the grass blades, but these are symptoms of already active lawn disease.

Preventing lawn fungus is the best way to ensure that you can keep your grass looking green and healthy. Most common lawn diseases are active in the Harrisburg, NC, area, so you have likely seen other lawns (if not your own) affected by lawn fungus. Lawn fungus control is critical if you want to maintain the beauty of your grass and not worry about such things as brown patch fungus.

Importance of Lawn Disease Identification and Treatment of Fungal Diseases

If you’re dealing with fungus or disease on your lawn, it is important to get professional help. Carolina Turf Services is your one-stop shop for all your lawn care needs. Our team is here to identify the lawn and turfgrass diseases that may have appeared in your landscaping, and we know exactly what to look for, such as powdery mildew on the blades. Once we see the common signs of turf diseases, we can work to help you eliminate that using contact fungicides or systemic fungicides. Your lawn treatment specialists must have the exact measurements of your lawn and the affected area to ensure that the ideal amount of fungicides is used. Once we apply fungicides and dry them, they are child and pet safe, but you would never want the improper amount to be applied to your grass. It is also worth noting that contact fungicides remain outside the grass plant and form a protective barrier from the onset of another disease or fungus.

How to Prevent Lawn Diseases

The best way to maintain the health of your grass, garden plants, and other plant life in your yard safe from common diseases is to prevent them from developing in the first place. To keep your lawn healthy and prevent brown spots from a fungus or disease, Carolina Turf Services recommends the following steps for proper lawn care:
  • Frequent treatment intervals to reduce the potential of fungus breakthrough
  • Measure the property and affected area exactly and only use the required amount to keep the rest of the area safe
  • Rotate appropriately so that the right diseases are treated at the proper time so that the disease and fungus do not build up fungicide resistance
Lawn care professionals know that their clients can have a healthy lawn free of disease and fungus when they follow these steps.

How Does Lawn Fungus Develop

There are several ways that a fungus can develop and cause brown patches, a dollar spot, or grease spots in your perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and other lawn types. These include:
  • Humidity which keeps the lawn damp – fungus thrives in the excess moisture.
  • Overfertilizing and overwatering – too much of a good thing can be a bad thing when it comes to fertilizer and water
  • High overnight temperatures – turf disease often develops with warm temperatures and reduced airflow
  • Bad air circulation – yards that are fenced in or surrounded by wooded areas may not get the right airflow that a more open yard will get
Broad-spectrum fungicides work for a wide variety of fungi and diseases. Still, it is important to discuss your lawn maintenance and an irrigation system (remember, too much water can be bad) to ensure you are using the right contact fungicide for your lawn.

Contact Our Harrisburg, NC Lawn Fungus Treatment Experts

At Carolina Turf Services, our lawn care experts are here to help the residents and business owners of Harrisburg, NC, keep their lawns looking great. We understand how the active ingredients in the fungicides used will affect your grass, and our team will correctly apply fungicides. Contact us today to eliminate the possibility of issues with your lawns caused by pink snow mold, leaf spot mold, fairy ring fungus, slime mold, and even rust.

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