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As a homeowner in Concord, North Carolina, you take great pride in the health and beauty of your lawn. You are well-aware of the time and effort it takes to maintain your yard, especially when the weather turns rough or the kids play in the grass. Even the most diligent homeowners who care for their lawns may find out that the turf has sustained damage from kids, insects, or weather.

Over time your yard may become damaged, show bare spots, or have a less vibrant color. Weather, drought, insects, children, pets, and normal wear and tear all contribute to the decline in the health and lushness of your yard.

When you enlist the professional Concord, NC, lawn care services at Carolina Turf Services, we will provide you with a free estimate on all of the services you need and develop a customized schedule to care for your yard. This plan will include lawn overseeding and lawn aeration to ensure that your grass maintains the color and vibrancy you love.


Lawn overseeding is a common process utilized by homeowners when they have been diligent about caring for their lawns but still see some damage. Even with proper watering and fertilizing, bare spots and weather-worn areas can develop. An easy way to remedy this is with lawn overseeding.

Essentially, lawn overseeding is adding grass seed to an existing lawn without the need for turning the soil. It will help to fill in the bare spots, thicken the turf, and improve the overall appearance of your green lawn.

When our lawn care company meets with a customer looking to bring back their lush, green lawn, one of the first things we consider is a combination of lawn aerating and lawn seeding.


When homeowners want to reinvigorate their lawns, the combination of aerating and seeding is an excellent option. Lawn aeration treatments provide more oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone of the grass – all things your lawn needs to flourish.

Overseeding can be combined with aeration to ensure the lawn will be healthy and lush. All the neighbors will enjoy looking at your well-nourished, thick lawn! Lawns will naturally begin to slow down their reproduction rates after 3-4 years, so seeding allows for new seeds to take root. Aerating and seeding ensure you will have the green lawn you desire for your Concord, NC, home.


The lawn overseeding service from Carolina Turf Services in Concord, NC, needs to be completed at a particular time of the year to ensure the success of the seed. Ideally, this service should be done in late summer to early fall because the soil is still warm enough for germination to take place, but the temperatures are not too hot for new grass seed to prosper. This time of year also has ideal soil moisture.

Early spring is also a possible alternative time frame if the window was missed, but the service should be done as early as possible to avoid the extreme summer heat in Concord, NC. At Carolina Turf Services, our lawn service specialists can determine if your soil and yard could benefit from seeding service. Call today to request a free estimate for lawn seeding in the Concord, NC, area.


If you want your lawn to be the envy of your Concord, NC, neighborhood, the overseeding service from Carolina Turf Services can help to make that happen. When you spread new seed throughout the bare or damaged spots of your Concord, NC, lawn, you can rest assured that, with proper care, it will take root and restore the lushness of your yard.

As long as the seed is spread at the right time of year and given the proper watering and care, the health and vitality of your Concord, NC, lawn will be returned. When you enlist the lawn care treatments of Carolina Turf Services, we make sure you will be satisfied with our overseeding job and you get the quality service you pay for. The job of our business is the health of your lush yard in Concord!


If you have noticed that your lawn is not as lush or healthy as it used to be, you may need overseeding treatment. At Carolina Turf Services, we offer the best lawn care treatments in the Concord, NC, area, and we are dedicated to ensuring the health and vitality of your lawn. Our company can customize your lawn treatment service. Whether you need minor maintenance or a comprehensive program for your lawn, our experts can handle it all.

The seed and fertilization team has the experience, knowledge, equipment, and skills to handle everything your lawn needs throughout the entire year. Whether it is turf, lawn aeration, or lawn fertilization,  Carolina Turf Services is here for you. We provide excellent customer service that your neighbors in Concord agreed. Check out our 5-star Google reviews. Contact us today to request a free estimate for your NC lawn.

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