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The beauty of any North Carolina residential lawn depends on the health and lushness of the green grass and other plant life in the yard. One of the worst things that a homeowner in Concord, NC, can see when checking out their lawn is the presence of ugly, invasive weeds. This is why weed control is part of Carolina Turf Services’ custom lawn care programs. 

Lawn care in Concord, NC, is a constant, ongoing process that requires diligence. Most homeowners may not have the time or energy to dedicate to regular lawn maintenance. They also may not have the equipment for proper lawn treatments such as lawn aeration or even weed control. Weed control takes more than a pair of gardening gloves and hours of pulling!

At Carolina Turf Services in Concord, NC, our lawn care professionals are here to provide residents with the lawn care services they need to have a healthy lawn all year long. One of our most popular services is weed control, especially because weeds can germinate throughout the entire year.


When you are looking for lawn care services in Concord, NC, you must find experts who provide a variety of lawn care treatments that can be customized for your particular yard. At Carolina Turf Services, we are proud to offer residents in Concord, NC, the following essential treatments:

Our lawn care team understands the time and energy needed for proper lawn treatment service, and our locally-owned lawn company uses our knowledge, experience, and equipment to keep your North Carolina lawn in the best possible condition.


Weed control is most certainly one of our most requested and most important lawn care services in Concord, NC, because it is a job that needs to be done regularly. When it comes to weeds that we see quite often in North Carolina, there are a lot! Your yard could suffer from Lespedeza, Virginia Buttonweed, Creeping Charlie, Dandelion, Thistle, Violet, and many more.

Weeds are largely considered ugly to have in your yard, and most homeowners want to get rid of them because of that. It is important to eliminate them from your Concord, NC, lawn because they can be toxic or damaging to your grass. For the healthiest lawn possible, our lawn care service experts recommend being proactive in the removal of weeds for residents in the Concord area.


At Carolina Turf Services in Concord, NC, we have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to keep weeds from ruining the beauty of your pristine lawn. Because our knowledgeable lawn care service providers are well-versed in the weeds which are native to North Carolina, they can customize the best possible treatment plan for your yard. Leave your grass and lawn care needs in the capable hands of our expert technicians in Concord, NC.


If you are the type of homeowner who takes great pride in the beauty and health of your North Carolina lawn, our expert technicians are here to offer the lawn care services you need, including weed control. We will never use any products or equipment that will cause harm to any part of your lawn, home, family, or pets. With Carolina Turf Services in Concord, NC, we have our lawn care service team who are trained to do the job.

When you enlist the Concord, NC, lawn care services of Carolina Turf Services for your outdoor space, you will be the envy of all the lawns in your neighborhood! Weeds will no longer be a problem for your yard because our lawn treatment service will take care of them before they can cause any trouble to your North Carolina lawn. 


One of the most important aspects of weed control is maintaining the health of your Concord lawn. Certain weeds can pose hazards and toxicity to your yard, which can be detrimental. Grass, shrubs, trees, and other greenery cannot flourish if weeds have taken over, so they must be removed before they even emerge.

Additionally, weeds pose a threat to your lawn because they take precious nutrients away from the grass and other plant life that you want to grow in the yard. With the proper weed control lawn care services in Concord, NC, you will not have to worry about the prosperity of your yard and plants. That is where the expert lawn treatments from Carolina Turf Services play a part.


If you are a resident in Concord, NC, looking for exceptional weed control as a part of your overall lawn care services, look no further than Carolina Turf Services. Our locally owned weed control company in North Carolina understands how weeds can negatively affect your yard, and we are here to help. Call for a free estimate for weed control.

In Concord, NC, weeds are a constant problem because of the mild weather conditions, so weed control is a constant need as part of a regular lawn care regimen. The lawn care services we offer at Carolina Turf Services are designed to maintain the health and beauty of your green Concord lawn throughout the entire year. This includes the removal of weeds and keeping them under control in your outdoor space.

For residents in Concord who need complete lawn treatment services, the professionals at the locally owned and operated Carolina Turf Services are available to provide a free estimate for the lawn treatment services you need and design a customized plan for your yard. The goal of our Concord lawn care company is to make sure you are completely satisfied with the fantastic job we have done, especially dealing with weeds.

Contact Carolina Turf Services in North Carolina today at (980) 522-8571 for more information and to request a free estimate for your lawn care needs.

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