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Your Reliable Lawn Care Services in Concord, North Carolina

We Give You a Beautiful, Healthy Lawn & Improve Your Curb Appeal in Concord & Surrounding Area 

Tired of maintaining your lawn, fence, and curb in general? Does it always feel like there is some trimming or mowing to do whenever you’re home? 

Unfortunately, the exterior of your home or business can say a lot about you and your property. A well-kept lawn is not only admirable but also safe and healthy. Your grass, shrubs, and flowers will look vibrant, and you will not have to worry about disease-causing insects or invasive weeds. 

We provide lawn care services to ensure that your lawn looks great all year, even when the weather is bad. So, get the stress out of lawn care and spend your weekends doing what you love with Carolina Turf Services right here in Concord. 

Our Lawn Care Services to Keep Your Concord Home Looking Sharp

Now, lawn maintenance takes work. Much goes into it, including seeding and treatments to keep pesky pests and diseases away. So, basic DIY care isn’t enough. You need a regular professional service to ensure everything is nice, trimmed, and healthy.

If you are in any neighborhood in Concord, North Carolina, here are some lawn care services you can trust our team with:

Lawn Care Program

Our 7 step local lawn care program is sure to leave your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. The primary focus of this program is to deliver a well feed weed free lawn. Our specialized fertilizers are blended to release the proper nutrients at the right time ensuring a healthy lawn. Then our lawn experts select the best herbicides on the market to kill the weeds. The best part….. No Contract EVER!

Lawn Fertilization

Want to keep your lawn dense and healthy even in the summer? Lawn fertilization is important for maintaining a dense lawn. And our fertilization experts are what you need to keep your grass and shrubs well fertilized. 

Lawn Weed Control

Once weeds take root in your lawn, they can destroy it faster than anything else. The same can be said about insects and pests. We have effective, EPA-approved products to take care of these issues, giving you a healthy lawn.

Lawn Overseeding

Is your lawn thinning out? We also offer professional overseeding services to help you cover those bare patches and increase the density of your lawn. Our blends of Tall Fescue and Bermudagrass are hand selected for our area to ensure a dense beautiful turf.

Lawn Aeration

Wondering what it takes to keep your lawn lush and vibrant? Over time, your lawn becomes compacted, and oxygen and vital nutrients don’t get to the roots. Our lawn care professionals will aerate your lawn, annually or biannually, depending on your soil, allowing the sun, oxygen, and nutrients to sink in for a more luscious lawn.

Fungicide Treatments

Is your lawn thinning out, discoloring, or exhibiting unusual signs? It might be that it has a disease or fungus. Our company also diagnoses and treats all lawn issues in Concord and the surrounding Charlotte Metropolitan area.

And so much more. Our services extend to landscaping too. So, contact us for lawn and landscape needs not on the list.

Other Services

Why Carolina Turf Services for Your Concord Lawn?

There is so much to love about our lawn care services, which is why we have Concord residents who have been with us for years! Here are a couple of reasons you want to pick our service:

Customized for Your Needs

You dictate the lawn and shrub care services you need and your schedule, and we deliver. To us, every client’s needs are unique and should get individualized attention.

Best Results Every Time

Get our lawn care crew to work on your curb, and you will never look back. We are a family-owned business with over 20 years in the game. And we promise you amazing results each time we come.

Focus on the Long-Term Health of Your Lawn

In as much as we want to give you fantastic results, we also care about keeping your lawn healthy and using safe practices and products for your grass, flowers, and shrubs.

Professional Lawn Care Services in Concord, NC

A beautiful lawn is not just hard to achieve but to maintain too. You have to mow, clear, and monitor it every few days. But at Carolina Turf Services, we take the stress out of lawn care for you and your family. We have all you need here. Book a lawn care appointment today!


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