What to do if you have Lawn Weed Problem in Harrisburg, NC

What To Do If You Have Lawn Weed Problem In Harrisburg, NC

Weeds are a common issue for homeowners with lawns, gardens, and landscape beds. Lawn weeds can quickly grow to be a significant nuisance, choking out other desirable plants and causing damage to the underlying soil.

The appearance of your lawn is a big part of your home’s appeal. If you have an average looking lawn you may be loosing out on some serious curb appeal, and the incredible value that comes with a great home aesthetic.

Weed control is often not as simple a choosing a nonselective herbicide. Weedy grasses from poa annua to trivialis can outcompete desirable grasses like tall fescue if you rely strictly on contact herbicides.

If you’re experiencing lawn weed problems in Harrisburg, NC, you should hire a professional weed control service to get them under control. By doing this, you will achieve satisfactory control of lawn weed problems and enjoy a healthy lawn free from grassy weeds.

How to Identify Common Types of Weeds

If you’re a homeowner living in an area with common weed problems, you’re probably familiar with a few weeds that can plague your lawn. Here is a short list to assist you in recognizing them:

Grass weeds: These weeds are typically tall and spindly, and they are usually green or yellow. They’re often easy to spot because they typically grow in clumps, and they often produce faster grass blades than other types of weeds.

Perennial weeds: These are weeds with extensive roots that appear for several years without dying off. They have deep roots that make it difficult to be easily eliminated. Examples are creeping Charlie, ground ivy, and quackgrass.

Broadleaf weeds: They have wide, flat leaves and produce seeds within their fruits. Dandelions are an example of broadleaf weeds. Broadleaf plants can be eliminated using broadleaf herbicides.

Annual weeds: They have a lifespan of one year, and the root system is not very deep. Annual weeds include crabgrass.

weeds in your lawn

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Weed Control Company

Hiring a professional for weed control can be a great way to solve your lawn weed problem, leaving your lawn with only desirable plants.

  • A professional has the right equipment for lawn maintenance.
  • An expert service will be more proactive toward weed control.
  • They conduct regular soil checks.
  • They ensure safety in weed control.
  • A professional will be able to figure out what else might be causing the weed problem and treat it.
  • They will enlighten you on the types of weeds as well as products that kill weeds.

What to look for in a professional weed control service

A professional weed control service like Carolina Turf Services offers the following services:

Weed Control Lawn Treatment: A professional weed control service is proactive in controlling weeds before they outgrow your lawn grasses. With weed control products like nonselective and systemic herbicides, weed germination is greatly curtailed.

Lawn Pest ControlAnts, mosquitoes, and fleas are insects that are harmful to your lawn. They cause brown patches and could even spread diseases to your pets. Professional weed control services maintain your lawn and free it from harmful pests with pest control products.

Lawn Overseeding: This process helps to fill up the bare soil surface, make turf thicker, encourage healthy root growth, and improve the general appearance of your lawn by allowing new seeds to take root.

Soil AmendmentsAn expert weed control service like Carolina Turf Services in Harrisburg, NC, conducts soil tests to ascertain your soil’s temperature, type, and makeup, so it can determine the right kind of soil amendment that will be most beneficial to your Harrisburg, NC, lawn.

Fungicide TreatmentsThis helps to eliminate fungal diseases and other common diseases that could affect your lawn.

Carolina Turf Services in Harrisburg, North Carolina

To get rid of weeds in your Harrisburg, NC, lawn, you should hire Carolina Turf Services. Rather than waiting for weeds to appear on your lawn and fighting them, we take a proactive approach and prevent them from appearing in the first place.

We are experts in controlling weeds, be they perennial grasses or common lawn weeds. We target weeds and weed seeds using selective herbicides and other weed killers.

We provide pest control services that can last up to a year, so you can spend time outside with your family without worrying about insect bites from ants and fleas.

Contact us today for a free quote on our lawn weed control services.

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