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Best Grass Types for your Residential Lawn in Concord, NC

Having the right grass at your Concord home can enhance the beauty of your surroundings. It is also beneficial for your health and improves your mood and emotions.

Different types of grass can be used for your lawn, and it is very important to consider the type of grass that will thrive well in that region.

You can easily figure out what you’re working with and what you’ll need to make your lawn look fantastic if you understand the variations between the many types of grass that thrive in your area.

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The Glowing Bermuda Grass

Color and Texture: Dense and pale or bright green

Bermuda green grass, often known as a cool-season grass, is a popular choice for Concord, North Carolina homes. Apart from being an excellent lawn grass, it is also popular on golf courses due to the region’s mild climate and soil type. Although this species takes a lot of care, including frequent watering, it can be mowed to a low height, perfect for homes with children and pets who frequent the yard. Furthermore, it grows best in warm conditions.

Bermuda Grass Planting Season and Soil Preparations

Since Bermuda grass grows best in warm weather, the best time to plant it is in late spring or early summer. It’s best to wait at least two months after the last frost to plant anything.

Tall Fescues

Color and Texture: Dark green and Soft textures

This grass type is also famous for residential houses that want to have one of the best-looking lawns in Concord, NC. But they must be willing to spend money on constant maintenance, such as fertilizers and enough water.

Tall fescue refers to several species of grass in the fescue family, each of which has a broad, flat blade and is classified as a cool-season grass. Fine fescue is often mixed with Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass because it grows best in cooler climates and can handle shade but not heat.

Soil Preparations for Planting Tall Fescue Grass

To plant fescue, you must first prepare a blank lawn. This entails getting rid of any weeds already there and sometimes cultivating the soil with lots of fertilizer.

Once your lawn has been cleaned up, lightly rake the area with a tiny hand rake to create a flat surface. After that, you can start evenly distributing seeds across the space; you’ll need 8 pounds of seeds for every 1,000 square feet. It’s acceptable to place seeds close together in the same places, but make sure they are uniformly spaced out across the lawn to prevent clumping. The majority of people choose a manual tilling machine, which can be rented or purchased at most neighborhood hardware or gardening stores.

How to Care for Your Tall Fescue Grass

Except in extremely hot summers, established tall fescue lawns require little upkeep and only sporadic mowing and watering. Maintain grass that is no taller than 2 inches (5 cm) and give the plants time to dry out in between deep waterings.

Contact the Lawn Care Professionals in Concord, NC

If you’re planting a new lawn, you should pick a variety of grass that thrives in your area’s climate, soil, and yard conditions.

However, we advise contacting our experts at Carolina Turf Services to learn more about the soil you’re dealing with. Given the high cost of soil and seed, it is preferable to do your homework in advance to ensure that you select the best type or varieties rather than just hoping for the best.

At Carolina Turf Services, we offer high-quality residential lawn care in Concord, NC. Our dependable and experienced lawn care experts are committed to providing you with the best service possible. Contact us today to receive our free lawn care estimate in 24 hours or less!




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