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What Is Lawn Overseeding and Why Is It Important for Your Yard?

Every Concord, NC homeowner is aware of the time and patience it takes to properly care for and maintain a luscious, green, healthy lawn throughout the entire year. No matter what type of grass you have over your entire lawn, it is essential that homeowners do everything they can to make sure they have a thicker lawn to keep pesky weeds from invading and taking over.

It takes more than mowing, watering, and spreading fertilizer to truly maintain your Concord, NC lawn. Even homeowners who are meticulous about their lawn care routine may notice bare patches or areas of dead grass in their yards. This can happen as a result of normal wear and tear, inclement weather, children, pets playing in the yard, and other animal or insect activities.

One of the best and easiest ways to remedy this problem is by spreading grass seeds in the areas where the grass has faltered. It is even possible to plant new grass seed mixtures in areas that are still healthy to ensure vigorous new growth. The complete process is known as overseeding a lawn.

At Carolina Turf Services in Concord, North Carolina, our team can help you determine which areas of your lawn need more grass seeds and the best way to ensure that those grass seedlings will grow during their growing season (warm-season grass and cool-season grass have different growing periods). We can also recommend a starter fertilizer for the best seed germination possible.

more grass seed
More grass seed

What Is Overseeding a Lawn?

When you overseed your lawn, you are essentially spreading new grass seeds in areas that have become bare or have died. This process does not require you to turn the soil, but we recommend pairing this with an aeration service for best results.

It should be done when the soil temperatures are still warm enough for germination but not too hot so that the seeds will roast in the sun. Ideally, overseeding should be done in late summer to early fall for the best results.

Why Is Overseeding Important for Your Existing Lawn with Warm Season Grasses and Cool Season Grasses?

No matter what grass type you have on your lawn, overseeding can be beneficial and help you to regain your vibrant lawn. Some of the best benefits of overseeding your lawn with new seedlings include:

Fill in Bare Spots

No one likes to see bare spots in their yard. When you have a whole lawn full of exceptionally green grass and then one ugly bare spot, it can ruin the entire aesthetic. An overseeded lawn compensates for issues caused by weather problems (storms, drought, heat), children playing, pet waste, and normal wear and tear.

Thicken the Turf

When you plant seeds on your lawn, you want them to grow into nice, beautiful grass blades. If you overseed your lawn, you can ensure that your turf will be as thick as possible so that there will be no brown or dead patches. This is essential for a healthy weed free lawn,

Improve the Overall Appearance of Your Lush Lawn

As we have said, no one wants to see a dead or bare patch on their beautiful lawn. It is simply the worst thing for your overall outdoor aesthetic. If you do not want your eyes to concentrate on nothing but that bare patch, then overseeding your lawn is truly the best option for you, and our team at Carolina Turf Services can help you figure out the best plan for your yard.

Contact Our Concord, NC, Lawn Care Experts About Your Grass Seed

If you are a Concord, NC homeowner who is dealing with a serious problem in your yard with bare or dead patches, you may be a good candidate for overseeding. Our experienced lawn care team at Carolina Turf Services has the experience, knowledge, and training to help you with the overseeding process and provide you with lawn maintenance throughout the whole year.

Reach out to our overseeding and lawn aeration specialists at Carolina Turf Services to learn more about these services and their many benefits for North Carolina homeowners like you. We look forward to helping you regain your healthy and luscious lawn.

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