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What Is Lawn Aeration and Why Is It Important for Your Concord Grass?

One of the many goals that Concord, NC, homeowners have for their houses is to have a healthier lawn. With luscious green grass and a lack of weeds, your lawn could be the envy of the entire neighborhood. However, maintaining a great lawn takes more than simply mowing it when the grass gets too long.

A healthy and vibrant lawn requires water and nutrients, treatment for weeds, fertilizer, new grass seed for bare patches, and care for the roots. With poor root development or excess lawn thatch starving the grass roots of the essential nutrients needed to grow, you will not be able to have the healthy lawn you want.

Another important service that needs to be completed on your lawn during certain circumstances is lawn aeration. If you have soil compaction and it is difficult for green vegetation to grow, you may need to aerate your lawn to help it grow and thrive. At Carolina Turf Services in Concord, NC, our team is here to provide you with comprehensive lawn care services, including aeration of a lawn compacted with thick soil.

lawn aeration
lawn aeration

What Is the Core Aeration of Compacted Soil?

Aeration of the entire lawn involves removing cores or holes in the surface of the soil, which will produce small soil plugs that will eventually break down and return to the soil. This process is essential for a healthy lawn because it allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through the soil layer and into the grass root zone.

If you have soil that is severely compacted (too many soil articles within a specific space), an excessive thatch layer (dead and living stems, organic debris, and roots that develop vegetation on the surface of the soil), or newly constructed lawns, you may be a good candidate for lawn aeration. These issues starve the roots of your grass seed of those essential nutrients and prevent them from growing.

Why is soil compaction bad for the soil surface?

When your soil is severely compacted, those solid particles cut off air from properly circulating as well as water and nutrients to the roots. Without those elements, the roots will not be able to flourish, and you will be left with soil on the surface but very little green grass.

During your grass’s growing season, this is the best time to aerate your lawn. For cool-season grasses, aerate in the early spring or fall. Aeration in the late spring should be done for warm-season grasses.

Benefits of the Lawn Aeration Process in Concord, North Carolina

Some of the best benefits of aerating your lawn during the proper time of the year for your grass types include:

  • Proper circulation of air and water deep within the soil through small holes in the surface
  • Improving the absorption of fertilizer by the roots
  • Repairing damage done by heavy foot traffic and animals
  • Reducing runoff and soil compaction
  • Build up the tolerance of the grass seed against heat and drought
  • Breaking up the thatch layer
  • Resisting certain diseases

If you are interested in learning more about lawn aeration and the benefits that it can provide for your Concord, North Carolina, home, contact the lawn care experts at Carolina Turf Services.

Contact Us for Lawn Care Services, Including Core Aeration in Concord

When it comes to having a healthy and vibrant lawn in Concord, NC, homeowners do not always know how much work and maintenance it takes to achieve that goal. It is far more than simply mowing and watering regularly. Things like spreading fertilizer and aerating the lawn are critical to ensure that your lawn is healthy and as green as possible.

At Carolina Turf Services, our team is highly trained and certified to provide you with lawn aeration services as well as take care of many other lawn care needs that our residential clients often have. We are happy to discuss the maintenance requirements of your particular cool-season grass or the best ways to care for Kentucky bluegrass.

Whenever you need lawn expertise for your Concord, NC, home, contact Carolina Turf Services. Contact us for a free estimate on lawn aeration today!

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