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Why Is Mid-September the Best Time for Lawn Aeration?

Every Concord, North Carolina, homeowner understands the importance of having a well-kept, lush lawn, especially if you want to impress your neighbors, relatives, and friends who visit. Lawn aeration is one of the most effective ways to keep your lawn in good condition.

When you aerate your lawn, you are assisting it in its natural life cycle and ensuring that its roots can grow deeper and stronger. With root growth at its peak, you can be confident that your soil surface will remain in good condition and that your lawn will remain healthy all year.

Our lawn care experts at Carolina Turf Services in Concord, NC are here to help you figure out the best time to aerate your lawn, keep your grass looking great, and even spread new grass seeds when necessary. Contact Carolina Turf Services for warm-season grasses, cool-season grasses, and any other grass types you may need to keep your lawn and soil looking great.

What Is Lawn Aeration and How Does It Affect Grass Roots?

Using a core aeration machine, you make small holes in the turf during the core aeration process. This aids in the removal of natural compaction that has accumulated over time. To keep their clients’ lawns healthy, lawn professionals across the country will recommend aeration. This lawn service is worth every penny, especially if you decide to aerate your lawn once a year.

How Does It Affect Soil Compaction?

Your soil will naturally become compacted over time. The heat of the sun, hard rain, and mowing can all cause a layer of thatch to form on the grass. This buildup of dead grass and roots, called “thatch,” will gather at the base of your healthy grass and can make it harder for your grass to take in important things like oxygen and water.

The thatch layer is broken up and pores are formed to loosen the soil during the fall aeration process. Soil plugs will appear on the top of the grass, but they will eventually degrade and return to the soil.

Why Aerate Your Lawn to Get a Healthy Lawn?

The aeration of your lawn is designed to prevent the buildup of harmful elements and other toxins in the soil and roots. It then protects plants from diseases that may accompany the thatch layer, and aeration increases the activity of helpful microorganisms. Aeration also makes it easier to plant grass seeds and keeps fertilizer and pesticides from washing away.

Can I Aerate Cold and Warm Season Grass?

Whether you have cool-season grass or warm-season grass, aerating your lawn is always recommended. At Carolina Turf Services in Concord, NC, we are happy to visit your home and give your lawn an overall assessment. Our specialists will determine the best time to aerate your lawn depending on the goals you have for it.

Aerate Your Lawn in Mid-September for the Best Effects on Compacted Soil

By aerating your lawn in the late summer or early fall, you are giving the grass and roots a final push for growth and health before the winter dormancy period. It revitalizes the grass and will be ready to thrive in the early spring once the chill has subsided.

For those who want to landscape their grass, late spring may be better to aerate for those purposes. However, our team at Carolina Turf Services still recommends mid-September as the ideal time of year to get the aeration process completed.

Contact Our Lawn Care Experts in Concord, NC, for Lawn Aeration Services

If you are a homeowner in Concord, NC, and you are looking for a lawn care team to provide you with all of the services you need to keep your grass healthy and vibrant, contact Carolina Turf Services. Our team specializes in aeration, and we can also provide a variety of other services, including weed control, fertilization, overseeding, and much more.

Our team at Carolina Turf Services cares about the residents of Concord, and we are happy to offer you a free quote for any of our great lawn services. Contact us today to find out more!




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