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Carolina Turf Services provides the best lawn care services in Concord. Whether you want a healthy lawn or to eliminate pesky insects, our comprehensive program can meet your needs and budget. We cater to everyone from the busy homeowner who wants to enjoy the weekends to those who want minimal help but don’t have adequate lawn care equipment.  Our friendly and professional lawn care pros will cover every angle to ensure your lawn becomes the envy of your neighbors. Call us to request a free estimate today!


Carolina Turf Services is your one-stop shop for lawn care in concord north Carolina and  surrounding areas. We take care of almost every aspect of your property. From amending the soil in your lawn to installing new mulch, we can guarantee you that we do a great job with every yard care or maintenance project.  Our years of hard work and dedication continue to endear us to new customers with diverse lawn care needs. If you need lawn care treatment or any of these lawn services in North Carolina, call us to request a new quote.


White grubs usually thrive in any soil that supports grass. Cut and lift the turf in your home and you may find them lying on their sides in a C-shaped position. These grubs feed on roots in your lawn to survive, effectively destroying the lawn along the way. Full-grown Japanese beetles and masked chafer grubs can average over one inch in length. Over time, they may also attract moles and voles that feed on them. These moles and voles can tunnel in your lawn causing more damage. They eventually turn into Japanese Beetles that can attack your shrubs and trees. By timing and applying the correct product, our insect control experts can help you eradicate the majority of grubs before they grow large enough to cause a problem.


Various turf insects can invade and severely damage your lawn in Concord NC. Sod webworms, hunting billbugs, armyworms, chinch bugs, ticks, and normal ants are common in  North Carolina. Oftentimes, homeowners mistake insect damage for disease or other types of plant-related stress. Carolina Turf Services can identify the type of insect that’s attacking your lawn and create an effective control program to curb major damage (up to 1 year for fire ant control). Contact our professionals in Concord and Charlotte for a free analysis of your lawn today.


Fungal diseases are pretty common in Concord NC in summer. Extreme outbreaks of fungus can ruin an entire lawn in less than 48 hours! We use proper rotation to treat the right diseases at the right time without causing fungicide resistances. Regular treatment intervals can reduce fungus breakthroughs saving your lawn. Our experts measure and apply the proper amounts of fungicide to eliminate all the fungus while ensuring your family and environment are safe. We will send you a notification when the application is complete and instructions on when you can return to the lawn.


If your soil pH is too low or too high, turfgrass won’t grow and thrive. Low soil pH can lead to nutrient deficiency. Our agronomists will perform a comprehensive soil test then soil amendment to create the perfect balance of soil alkalinity and acidity. We use lime and other nutrients to adjust the pH of your soil so your Concord lawn grass can absorb nutrients easily. If your lawn has struggled for a few years, this is a great place to start!


If you are looking for the best lawn care services in Concord or the surrounding area, contact Carolina Turf Services. We are a locally owned landscaping business with a combined 20 years of experience in the services industry. As a customer-centric lawn care service, we always strive to do a good job and put the needs and interests of our customers first. We are straightforward and our level of communication about what’s happening to your lawn leaves no room for doubt. Whether you need us to fertilize your lawn or remove weeds that are choking your property in North Carolina, we have your back and know exactly what to do. Call  (980) 522-8571 to speak to a lawn care pro or to request a free quote today!

Lawn Treatment Programs in Concord, NC

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Premium Seed

Our Premium blend of Turf Type Tall Fescue or bermuda grass are 100% weed free and disease and drought resistance. Engineered to give a dark green color to make your lawn stand out!

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Custom Fertilizer

Our custom fertilizers are blended with local soil in mind. We know exactly what the lawns in are area need and our custom fertilizer delivers. Let us show you the custom difference.

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Expert Weed Control

Concord has a unique climate that helps weeds germinate all year long. Our local knowledge and experts know how to take out the weeds!

Concord NC Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance Services

Lawn Treatment Programs

  •  Custom Local Program
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Other Services

Landscaping TreatmentS

  • Mulch Installation
  • Flower Bed Weed Control
  • Landscape Pest Control
  • Landscape Fertilization
  • Other Services

Other Lawn Services

  • Grub Control
  • Lawn Pest Control
  • Diseases Treatment Program (Fungicides)
  • Soil Test & Amendments
  • Other Services
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